Galerie Vanasse - Art figuratif et portraits

Gilles Paquin

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Artistic Approach

Inspiration for me comes from my environment, from moments where beauty has captured my attention.  I want to recreate on canvas the atmosphere, the pleasure or the beauty that I have experienced.  Beauty as offered to us by nature, beauty that can be found in the most classical of subjects, beauty experienced when, in one particular moment, many factors come together to make it a memorable one. And when I have completed a painting, I get satisfaction from being able to relive that moment, to remember the warm or the cool air on my face, to feel again that sensation, to recognize the source of light from that precise moment and to hear the sounds that accompanied it. 

I love people-watching and capturing their emotions, like at the airport for instance; the expectations, the reunions with friends, with families; the difficulty in saying goodbye, the last looks filled with warmth.  

My paintings capture realism with an emphasis on the light that caresses the subject and the intensity of the colours that derives from it. I have always admired Van Gogh’s aggressive brush strokes as well as his bold mix of colours.

I enjoy going from landscapes to urban scenes with people to still life compositions. Whichever the subject, if it stirs emotions in me and its beauty touches me, a sketch will quickly follow.


Group shows with judges
2010 – Local artists competition
Vieux Presbytère, Saint-Bruno

2010 – AAPARS Fall Art Exhibit and Competition
Centre Marcel Dulude, Saint-Bruno

2010-11 – Art Exhibit and Competition “Éclat de lumière”
Coopérative funéraire de la Rive-Sud de Montréal, Longueuil

2011 - Local artists competition
Vieux Presbytère, Saint-Bruno

2011 - AAPARS Fall Art Exhibit and Competition
Centre Marcel Dulude, Saint-Bruno

2011 - 28th CAPSQ Art Exhibit and Competition Gala
Brancosi Cultural Centre, Montreal      
2011 - 19th CAPSQ Art Exhibit and Competition of LaPrairie
Complexe Saint-Laurent   

Group shows
2010 - Symposium Arts & Jardins
Maison dite Louis-H.-La Fontaine, Boucherville

2011 - AAPARS Art Exhibit
Promenades Saint-Bruno

2011 - AAPARS Spring Art Exhibit
Pavillon Jordi-Bonet, Mont-Saint-Hilaire

Solo shows
2011 – Art Exhibit - Rémax
Ré/Max Actif, Saint-Bruno

2011 – Solo Art Exhibit
Club de golf Laprairie

2011 - Solo Art Exhibit
Home studio - Circuit des Arts de St-Bruno