Galerie Vanasse - Art figuratif et portraits

Roger A. King

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Artistic Approach

From the time I was 25 years old I have surrounded myself with art - through my travels in Europe and North America and as a collector with over 100 original works of paintings and clay, marble and Inuit sculptures.

In my mid 30's, I began to explore creating sculpture myself, being inspired, influenced and personally encouraged by my friend Hans Schleeh, RCA who at the time was regarded as Canada's foremost marble sculptor.

Although I chose to defer my sculpting for many years while I devoted my time to raising a family and a successful business career, art and particularly sculpture remained an important aspect in my life.

I returned to sculpting in 1995 with an opportunity to work within a group setting under the guidance of Pearl Levy, a professional and successful sculptor in Montreal.  After a year of working with soapstone and alabaster, Pearl suggested I travel to Pietrasanta, Italy to experience sculpting in marble.  Pietrasanta is regarded as the "sculpture capital of the world", where Michelangelo, Jean Arp and Henry Moore all worked on their art forms.

For the next seven years, I was able to spend three months a year in Pietrasanta, working in an open air studio with several other artists working in marble.

Since 1997, I have also worked in my studio in Montreal, creating sculpture from the many different types and colours of marble that I have selected from various quarries in Italy and shipped back to Montreal.

Which allows my creativity to unfold first...the stone or the idea of a form?  It is this flexibility that I enjoy when working with marble.  With the many colours, hues, veins, sizes and textures that marble offers, a select piece of marble will either fit an idea of what I have in my head already, or I will see a form hidden within, waiting to be released.