Francine Filion's Gallery

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Artistic Approach

Art is the soul of a society. It was through art that great currents pass, that ideas are born and challenged. It is the expression of the heart and mind.

Beyond my academic approach, the subject matter little if at the sight of my paintings, that I try to make exciting, they reveal to the viewer a deep sentiment, then I have succeeded.

Unlike a poem, the painting should move and communicate without words.
Weather it intrigues, pleases or shocks, it should not keep the viewer indifferent.

I am privileged to be able to express through painting, my vision of human and animal life and grow through it. Each painting gives me a chance to surpass myself and leads me further into the depth and the quest for what I am. Bethoveen wrote: “The goal of the effort should be in action and not what it will bring.”

As a little girl, I dreamed of carousels, later, of knights and Pegasus. Today the horse still moves me. If I can communicate to you the pleasure that I have while painting, I will have shared with you the admiration it arouses in me.

I recognize in his movements, the need that I have to act, in his strength and agility, my perseverance and my spontaneity. I hope my paintings will pay tribute to its nobility and its beauty.