Jacques Sévigny's Gallery

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Artistic Approach

Born in Montreal on October 31, 1942. At the age of 9 years, I began drawing the nature that I saw through the windows of the study room of my college in Joliette. Father Boucher taught me to paint with oils. My first painting is of a vase with roses painted in front of a venetian blind. A few years later, I specialized in photographic retouching (airbrushing). I still painted the landscape and Quebec architecture but my goal was to move my subject, my buildings were antiquated, articulated and colorful. Today, the romance of my subjects inspires me, from the beached boat to the dreamer. From my subjects emerge a certain sweetness and my colors burst to life. 

A few years ago, I experimented with other mediums and finally, acrylic chose me. Floral art interests me. My garden becomes a world of creation, relaxation and passion.Flowers of earth or water, their scents and colors put me on edge. I get them out of my world only to share them with those who simply like to see their beauty . Among the photos taken on a daily basis, those that make me get out of bed and that inspire me will find themselves on a canvas.