Laurent Sansfaçon's Gallery

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Artistic Approach


“The themes that inspire my paintings arise from my view of nature which is bathed in my daily environment. The sky, clouds, hardwood groves and the meadows which border them offer me their shadows and light, like so many nuances to perceive, to understand, of details to capture and of different perspectives, color and atmosphere to render.”

Laurent Sansfaçon is self-taught and has been painting for over thirty years, first in oil then in acrylic, while drawing inspiration from the Barbizon School and Impressionist painters. For the past ten years, he developed and perfected a technique of personal creation in oil pastel that uses no brush. This approach allows him to come into direct contact with matter.

After an essentially abstract period where his works showed a possession of space, he returns to more figurative paintings that reflects a concern for the vast horizons and for nature. These recent works consist mainly of landscapes and still lifes dominated a ‘green’ particularly popular in the early twentieth century.

We find some of his works in private collections in Canada, France and the United States including collections of artists from radio and television.

2011-, Galerie Vanasse, Saint-Lambert

2007-08, Galerie Greene, Westmount 

2007-08, Galerie Michel-Ange, Montréal 

2006-07, Galerie RÉGIN’ART, Saint-Lambert

2005, Galerie RÉGIN’ART, Saint-Lambert 

Since 1999, Laurent Sansfaçon exhibits his work four times a year in various symposiums.