Loretta Fasan's Gallery

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Artistic Approach

Notes on my art.  

My paintings are a combination of realism, pattern, trompe l’oeil, and whimsy. I enjoy painting female figures, at times mysterious, humorous, or serene, using intense or subtle colors, textures, and gold-leaf patterns in the costumes. There is an iconic aspect to some of the women, however it is softened by their expressions. It is exciting to see a character come to life, through a combination of observation, and imagination. 

Though most of the paintings are carefully planned, I like to allow for spontaneity, and the intangible: an element of surprise. My technique is traditional, beginning with an underpainting, and building form and intensity of color gradually, yet always with the potential of adding an unexpected twist. The elaborate beadwork, hairstyles, and ornaments are fun elements which help to create movement, richness, and give a sense of mystery to the paintings.

Symmetry, proportion, pattern, and geometry are some of the underlying elements of my new paintings. Gold has a spiritual significance for me. The gleam and warmth which emanates from gold adds an amber glow and a three dimensional effect to the paintings. The challenge in using gold or metal leaf is to integrate the gold into an overall scheme, rather than having it stand out as a foreign element. Gold also changes color and fluctuates under different lighting conditions, and takes on some of the color of its surroundings.