Michel Leblanc's Gallery

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Born in Rimouski of a father who was a professional painter and former hockey player ( Amby LeBlanc, the Detroit Red Wings ) Michel LeBlanc bathed in painting from the age of 9.

He later expressed his desire for art in graphic design at Cégep de Rivière- Du- Loup and pursuing university studies in art history, literature and theater. Also comedian UDA member , he played various roles in Ent’Cadieux , Russian dolls , Diva, 450 Golf Road etc.

Artist with limitations and special needs, is a member of “Vision of Quebec art ” affiliate ” Very Special Arts International, which promotes professional artists with disabilities.

He has participated in international art openings with Ms. Jean Kennedy Smith member of the famous Kennedy family , younger sister of President John F. Kennedy and founder of VSA International. He has exhibited in Montreal, Paris, London, Italy and California.

He now spends most of his time to painting. His zest for life is reflected in favorite spatula work in explosive colors and dynamic scenes such as ” Time Square (NY ) .”

“Without the painting I’m not whole , I have the feeling if I were dissolving . My bewitching passion , my delirious thirt for painting fills me with happiness. “

Michel LeBlanc