Pierre Morin's Gallery

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Artistic Approach


Pierre Morin has always felt an intense pleasure to watch, observe, feel and ultimately really see what the light reveals, a kind of transcendence of the act of looking. He says that it is primarily in the act of looking at things that are born each of his works. It is an exhilarating experience and a thrill all at once. Everything goes through your eyes and then is amplified by transforming and bouncing off the walls of the soul. For him, it is there that ‘the delights of seeing and the pleasures of painting merge”. This way to contact what surrounds him it is the foundation of his approach to figurative art. He is aware that the artistic land was and still is cultivated by many. Even knowing that he plows most likely at the same places as some of the Group of Seven, he comes down on this ground: figurative painting.

Light is another component at the base of his approach: looking for the specific role of light for each subject gives him intense sensations. He admits that there is nothing new in mentioning the fact that the light is of paramount importance in visual art. For Morin, the light remains the subtle life that runs through the work, as the energy in our bodies, drawing, subject, composition, rhythm, color, all are driven by light. For him, light a quasi-spiritual in painting.

Pierre Morin is a nature lover. He is fascinated by the wilderness, the most intact and most Canadian possible. This nature which is certainly his most significant inspiration has often been beneficial for him. Some are lost in the forest, he founds himself there. However, he would not limit himself to landscape, nature is everywhere in so many variations: in a city, in an apple, in flowers, in a body, in short, nature is everywhere, even in a dream. It is very important to him that no meaningful subject matter escapes him; he could not bear to be captive in a style that depends on a pattern or texture whatsoever, or of subject (always the same) or any other limiting features of the kind. Morin has the choice to paint the boundless nature of things, if a nail touches him it’s a safe bet that it will become a drawing or a painting.

In his work, topic imposes pace that begets composition. The colors are under the influence of light and his emotions, the drawing must always be thorough and gesture honest. He continually seeks the magic that only a mastered painting may create. He believes that a painting becomes an artwork only when it is actually lived, and when we perceive that it is looking at us.

Pierre Morin studied visual arts in Quebec City in the late sixties and early seventies, at the time the school of Fine Arts became the School of Visual Arts from Laval University. After graduation, he taught art in high school for a short period. Not having a strong calling for teaching, nor the conditions to try to live purely of his art, he specialized in design, which has enabled him to secure the needs of a family while making a career near his reality as an artist. He chose a profession in graphic design, illustration and communications. During the late 70s, he started his own graphic communications firm where he pursued his profession until 2007. During these years he painted sporadically, along with his work as a graphic designer, but this left him with a sense of incongruity as painting is not a ”hobby” for him it is a job indivisible; one that is most demanding and rigorous, nothing else matters then.

It goes without saying that his need to paint has never left him and since our reality  always catches up to us, he decided, in the spring of 2008 to follow his true path. Since then, he is totally dedicated to his art of painting and drawing with enthusiasm and passion.