Sophie Chagnon's Gallery

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About Sophie

After studying in Arts, Letters and Communication and Cultural Animation and Research in Montreal, I studied all over the world. My many travels have greatly contributed to forging the person and artist I am today. Now well established on the South Shore of Montreal, creation is the central pivot of all my activities, whether in the practice of my profession as an interior designer or in the realization of works through various forms of art such as watercolor, collage and mainly drawing.

My artistic philosophy lies in a simple approach by which I try to illustrate my subjects figuratively while keeping an artistic signature that makes each of my works perfectly imperfect! There are no specific criteria that guide the choice of my subjects. I draw what appeals to me, touches me or seduces me. My choices are purely intuitive. But when I draw or create, my mind is totally invested and focused on the only task of blackening paper. It is for me a form of escape through which I imagine my subject in three dimensions and by which I try to capture the essence of the place or beast I illustrate and thus give it life in my own way. I am inspired by photographs that I adapt according to my aspirations and that I reproduce on paper. From my landscapes emanates a certain mystery that invites to discovery and from my menagerie emerges a very familiar side that it seems, makes you want to adopt one of these adorable animals! I definitely take great pleasure in illustrating the animal world from here and elsewhere by favoring poses that challenge and naming each animal with its own name.

My favorite medium is undoubtedly graphite. I like to blacken paper and the challenge of modeling, giving dimension and light, whether in a more abstract or figurative way, by superimposing simple pencil strokes and playing with different shades of gray, black and white. Graphite allows me to transpose on paper in a monochrome line all the shapes and color palettes that inhabit my mind and bring them back to life in all simplicity and in their pure state.