Suzanne Joly's Gallery

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Artistic Approach

My artistic life rests on the creation of pictorial works that support beauty. I chose to express myself through the realistic representation of human beings, nature and things and animate it with a touch of contemporary Impressionism when the subject calls for it.

All subjects and disciplines interested me each with its own level of difficulty. I love the challenge of the portrait and the pursuit of the likeness, the evocation of a landscape through the illustration of the pace and diversity of the seasons while evoking the essence of a place, and to choose the elements that create a harmonious composition of a still life or genre painting. My work as an artist is to go beyond the representation of a subject, what I call the ” visual reality “, by adding to it a personal interpretation so that it reflects my ideal of beauty and evokes emotion. Although my work incorporates the rules and principles of the classical method it is also important to me to give meaning to the original composition by releasing me from the rigid lines and drawing. The creative process begins with the development of a scenario and the identification of various stages, elements and actors that come into play throughout the development of the work that is to say, the play of shapes, value , colors, shadows, light and edges. The magic operates when the full control of the visual language and its components merge with the power of creative energy to make the whole .

As John Keats said , ” Beauty is Truth , Truth is Beauty “.



I learned drawing from the Barge method and classical painting at Bohemiarte School, drawing from cast sculptures and classical painting at Brésoles Atelier. I chose these schools because they teach traditional methods of drawing and painting as we passed them in the great classical schools of Fine Arts.

And Keats: “A thing of beauty is an eternal joy.”